An American dessert variety, developed by crossing 'Vibrant' and 'Holiday' varieties. One of the earliest dessert varieties, recommended for allotment gardens and plantations under shelter.


It is characterized by a combination of frost resistance, good appearance and colour along with hardness and size. The fruit is large with an attractive, intense red colour. The bright red, uniformly coloured flesh is very tasty, very juicy and has a pleasant aroma. The first strawberries are harvested at the end of May, and the last ones - in the second half of June. Many fruits ripen at the same time, allowing for concentrated harvest. Strawberries of this variety are suitable for transport and storage for a short time at room temperature..

  • The recommended pH level of the soil for planting strawberries is 6.5 - 6.8
  • Strawberries bear fruit in early June, one year after planting.
  • Easy to grow!
  • One of the best varieties of dessert strawberries!




A popular dessert variety, perfect for large retail chains. It was established in the Netherlands by crossing Gorella and Holiday varieties. It is considered a basic variety used in the controlled cultivation in the soil and under high shelters.


THE FRUIT: very large and large. Light red skin, with a strong luster. The flesh is pale pink to bright red, juicy with a tasty aroma of wild strawberries. Fruits are firm, suitable for transport over long distances. The calyx is of medium size and it can be easily removed from the fruit.
THE PLANT: It is sustainable to white and red blotch, susceptible to powdery mildew and to root diseases. It is characterized by strong growth, and medium growth on weaker soils. The leaves are large light green. The petioles are sometimes with single or double stipules. The leaves are shiny, wide, oval and quite big. The petioles are covered with fine hairs, and the inflorescence stems are thick, rising high into the leaves. Inflorescence stems have a large number of flowers. Elsanta brings abundant yields, better on fertile soils, rich in water.

  • The recommended pH of the soil for seedlings is <5.5
  • The strawberries bear fruit from mid-June




A variety of German origin, with a moderately late time of ripening. One of the most widely cultivated varieties in Poland. Very fertile.



THE FRUIT: large and medium-sized. The colour of the skin is deep red to dark red, uniform over the entire surface. The flesh is deep red, uniformly coloured and very fragrant and tasty. The stalk can be very easily separated from the fruit. The fruit of this variety are great for desserts, delicacies, juices, as well as for freezing and drying. One of the best varieties for controlled cultivation in the ground and under shelters.
THE PLANT: very resistant to root diseases, to frost and drought. It is a compact perennial plant with a strong growth. The leaves are dark green, smooth, shiny, with widely doubly serrated edges. The petiole is long and stiff. The variety is distinguished by rich foliage. The inflorescence stems are of the same length as petioles or shorter, hairy, lying down under the weight of fruit. The plants are susceptible to white blotch and strawberry mites.

  • The recommended pH of the soil for seedlings is <5.5
  • Strawberries bear fruit from mid-June. It is a basic variety for processing industry and frozen food


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